The Latest from RDH


Heated Decision-Making on Expensive Capital Projects March 2, 2015

The bigger — and more expensive — the decision, the more emotions play a role and the more explosive things can become.


International Window Standards November 3, 2014

With the growing interest in the Passive House standard for energy efficient buildings, European fenestration products are being used more frequently in North American jurisdictions.


Client Perspective

“When you look at the quality of the work that was done, there's no doubt that we did the right thing, and we chose the right people to do it.”

We're Merging

RDH Group has merged with Building Science Consulting Inc.

Effective November 1, 2015, we are operating as one integrated firm called RDH Building Science Inc. The merger brings two of the leading building science firms in North America together to provide a combination of cutting-edge research with leading design and implementation capabilities. The result is a unique offering for our clients–an ability to explore new and innovative ideas based on science and our practical knowledge of what can be built.

BSCI’s research division, Building Science Laboratories, will become RDH Building Science Laboratories. The combined expertise of this new team will continue to explore fundamental building science questions to help our clients provide exceptional products and services to the industry and to develop clear guidance on best practices in the building sector.

We are excited about the possibilities as we launch the new ventures.